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Welcome to Patapolis

Patapolis are the Home of Patapons whit a Obelisk and a Paraget and the Mater Healtree Pan Patapon the Musiker and the Alter and more more more.....

the Patapons hate the Karmens, Karmens are Secret fighters that the Face back on the Masks.

The Patapons have a Hero ONE. My Hero Name is Ulka and my name is Ulky :)

When you see the Video of Patapons go to and see the Video.

when you dont see the video read that: Heros are shupid on PONPATA song when he have Power Up!

Medem are the Princessin of Patapons and hes is the Patapon that speak whit me.

no patapon can hear me............

On Patapon 2 are Zigotons not us Enemy its Karmens the Old Karma Karmen are a old Karmen that a Legendary Mohukon.

General Gong are the Beast Tateton of Zigotons and hes Friends is Antaton and Miketon.

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